Premier Green Cleaning

Founded in 2006 by Monay Olson, Premier Green Cleaning has grown from a one-woman business to a company that employees more than thirty people, the majority of whom are housed in properties owned by The Shine Group. A full-service cleaning company, Premier cleans households from Hoback to Moran Junction, more than thirty businesses from small offices to the Grand Teton Music Festival and the Center for the Arts, and supplements the housekeeping staff of major hotels and resorts in the valley. Other areas of focus include real estate transition cleaning, construction maintenance and completion cleaning, and seasonal deep cleaning of high-traffic daycare centers and other businesses. With a solid commitment to the use of green cleaning materials and sustainable business practices, Premier Green Cleaning has the resources you need to get the job done right.

It’s All About Positive Impact!

The Shine Group

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, is home to The Shine Group, a family of companies with a shared mission to provide service of the highest value to valley residents and visitors seeking cleaning services, a good night’s lodging, or requiring management for their vacation rental property. The Shine Group, founded in 2006, now includes Premier Green Cleaning, Elk Refuge Inn, and Jackson Lodging Company. Headquartered and working exclusively in Jackson Hole, The Shine Group is growing in all of its businesses with the goal of becoming a business leader in each sector. It’s All About Positive Impact!

Sustainability and commitment to all stakeholders are core values of The Shine Group. Focused on personal relationships, teamwork, impeccable service, giving back to the community, encouraging the welfare and growth of all employees, preserving and healing the planet – The Shine Group strives to contribute in any way it can to the betterment of its community while managing the growth of its businesses.