Cleaning in Response to COVID-19 in Jackson Wyoming

Response to COVID-19 in Jackson Wyoming

Premier Green Cleaning has had to pivot into a diligent disinfecting plan in response to COVID-19 in Jackson Wyoming. So many places of businesses have had to close their doors and make a plan as well in light of this virus. Residents of Jackson Hole had been hesitant on cleaning companies in the home without specific precautionary measures in place. Here at Premier we have done our homework. We have examined the CDC’s website with recommendations (released often as they know more about it) on the best course of action when cleaning and disinfecting in response to the virus. We have a plan and will update our website often to release more measures, tools and resources you can use at home as well between cleanings with us.

Premier’s Precautions

Our Premier staff is currently working in office and we perform a Sanispray disinfection weekly in our office space in order to ensure we are staying safe and being extremely careful. 

Our Housekeeping staff always wears gloves and use sanitizing gel, and upon request can use crocs and masks in the properties. Our existing practices include a variety of measures to prevent the spread of germs including thorough cleanings of all bedrooms, living and/or family rooms and common areas, strict adherence to employee hand-washing practices and sanitizing wipe-downs of all surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. 

NEW: Disinfecting Sprayer Technology

As of June 5th 2020, we have available a SaniSpray HP Sprayer, this makes our job of disinfecting even more efficient and effective.

Spray-and-wipe methods are not only inefficient, but also ineffective at providing proper dwell times and complete coverage of disinfectant. 

We are ready to get started in your home or place of business with this technology. 

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Clean + Disinfect Initiative

Premier Green Cleaning is launching the Clean + Disinfect initiative to assist local Jackson Hole businesses in ensuring confidence and safety of clients, customers and employees alike during the current virus outbreak.

Now more than ever keeping your businesses fully disinfected and clean is imperative. Premier Green Cleaning is here to help, with increased cleaning measures that are in alignment with the CDC guidelines. 

Read more about our initiative.

Updated 10/1/2020