Managing the complex needs of the classical musicians who attend a summer music festival requires precision, hard work and a commitment to meeting very tight deadlines every time. For the last three years, Premier Green Cleaning has met the needs of the Grand Teton Music Festival and their thirty condominiums which are used by the musicians, guest artists and, in many cases, their families. The units are always cleaned and organized to the highest standards and they give us peace of mind throughout our hectic seven-week season. All I can say is, Thank you, Premier!

  • AV, GTMF

Last time Maribel cleaned my place I thought I had returned to the wrong house. Everything was spotless and fresh, she even hit all of the spots you wouldn’t expect, like wine bottles and behind the machines in the laundry room. I was very happy and will be calling regularly to have them do it again.

  • DH, Jackson