Premier Green Cleaning in the news!

Premier Green Cleaning business owner Monay Olson was recently featured in a profile article in the Jackson News and Guide about building her business from the ground up and letting values work with — rather than compete with — profits as the driving force of her company.

Monay started the Premier Green Cleaning company with just her husband, taking her young son in a Baby Bjorn to clients’ homes that allowed her to bring him, and has since grown her business to employ almost 50 people. Premier’s portfolio includes private homes, businesses and supplementing hotel housekeeping staff. The focus is on using environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

Monay says in the article, “We are paying a living wage. In 2016, we adopted the $15 an hour pay rate. Eighty percent of our staff make a minimum of $18 an hour. I’m really proud of that… It’s about treating people right.”

In 2011, she purchased the Jackson Lodging Co. (a vacation/property management business). When approached by the company owner (who Premier had been cleaning units for), about buying the business, she went ahead and did so. The Jackson Lodging Co. manages close to 30 properties and Monay rents a few units to employees for below market rate. In 2015, Monay also purchased the Elk Refuge Inn with Australian businessman, Angelo Calafatis.

Premier Green Cleaning, Jackson Hole Lodging Co., and the Elk Refuge Inn all make up The Shine Group businesses that are managed by Monay. All four entities focus on being Reduce Reuse Recycle Business leaders, a certification that is offered by the Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling. In 2018, the Elk Refuge Inn became the first establishment in Jackson Hole to reach the Business Emerald Sustainability Tier. This certification is given to businesses that meet strict environmental, social, and economic sustainability standards.

The Shine Group is passionate about supporting community sustainability. The company often provides donations to fundraisers in the form of gift certificates, house cleanings, carpet cleanings, and hotel stays. Anytime there is a family/individual undergoing hardships, the company will contribute to the cause. “We have a ‘We say yes’ policy,” says Monay.

The Premier Green Cleaning company has been a great asset  and stellar example of The Shine Group’s values in giving back to the community and supporting people and the planet.

The full article can be read in full at this link.