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New to Spring Cleaning in the Tetons?

Spring in the Tetons is absolutely beautiful but at the same time it is referred to as the “mud season.” The reason being that the snow melts off and turns the white snow mounds to dirty brown snow down to mud. It’s inevitable to track that mud into your home whether it be your boots or our four-legged friends. Not even the most “Type A” person can guarantee that their pup’s muddy pawprints won’t make an appearance on their floors or couch.

The Jackson Hole real estate market was directly affected from the pandemic with newcomers purchasing and making Jackson their new home. If you happen to be new to Jackson we have the special inside on what to expect as the seasons change here in the Tetons as you bring in the season of bloom.

The Spring is a tricky one, if you take a peek at the forecast you’ll see for yourself. One moment it’s sunny and close to the 70’s and then the following day you see a freeze coming in at night, then sneaky snowfall, then sunshine then snow yet again.

Spring Cleaning Tips in the Tetons:

  • Mud Rooms – with dirt tracking in from boots and paws the mud room may be getting quite dirty so a sweep and a mop may be in order.
  • Deep cleaning carpets* – especially those “high traffic” areas in your home would be wise to give it a good clean. Keep in mind of mud season you may want to wait until you notice that most snow around your home has melted out before you schedule that special cleaning.
  • Cleaning out the fridge* – We all know we forget we bought one too many of the same condiments. It’s best to take a look at dates on those suckers and make sure nothing is growing legs. We offer to help give your fridge a good cleaning after you’ve helped eliminate those items for an additional cost.
  • Cleaning out the oven* – The oven got a lot of use this winter with all those casseroles and freshly baked cookies during the holiday season, it deserves quite a bit of attention. We offer to help give your oven a special cleaning for an additional cost.
  • Dust, dust, dust – These long winter months our homes have felt pretty shut-in. Dusting areas like above the fridge, door frames, picture frames, windows, above cabinets and lighting fixtures.
  • Couches & other furniture – So many of us have spent time in our homes more than ever before for over a year now. These very loved pieces of furniture ought to get some well-deserved attention.
  • Let’s Recycle* – we offer to take your recycling (up to 3 bags) after a cleaning for FREE. For your information though here are the locations where recyclables are collected locally. Sadly not everything is recyclable here but take a look to find out what might be.
  • Season Transition – If you enjoy the recreation that this area affords you will see as the snow melts off you may want to trade in those skis for your road bike or your e-bike.
  • Garage cleaning – After that season transition consider adding a special cleaning for your garage at an additional cost based on how many bays.
  • Opening windows – During the long winter months our homes can feel stuffy. Be sure to open your windows to allow for fresh mountain air to pass through.
  • Clean the windows* – Aside from opening them, wipe them down, Windows are the eyes to our homes and cleaning them gives us clarity whether we are looking in or out. We offer to help give your windows a special cleaning for an additional cost.
  • Always FREE Green Cleaning Products* – We are still so proud to offer FREE green cleaning products to all our customers with the health and wellness of your household in mind.

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Green to Green Award to The Shine Group in 2020

Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce awarded The Green to Green Award to The Shine Group. The award recognizes businesses that have shown a commitment to the environment in the way they operate. The Shine Group, led by Monay Olson, is made up of Premier Green Cleaning, the Elk Refuge Inn and Jackson Lodging Co.

Owner Monay Olson and her team place a “green” focus on everything they do. During the pandemic, many green initiatives became more difficult and community waste increased, but The Shine Group enhanced their cleaning and safety efforts while remaining true to their sustainable mission. Premier Green Cleaning even offered discounted and awarded cleaning services when they were needed most.

Read the full article here.

Clean & Disinfect for Small Businesses

Premier Green Cleaning is launching the Clean + Disinfect initiative to assist local Jackson Hole businesses in ensuring confidence and safety of clients, customers and employees alike during this global pandemic.

Now more than ever keeping your businesses fully disinfect and clean is imperative. Premier Green Cleaning is here to help. We have increased our cleaning measures that are in alignment with the CDC guidelines. In combatting the resilience of COVID-19, we are using specialized cleaning products and equipment including residential foggers and electrostatic machines for Commerical spaces. We have updated our sequences to ensure we are cleaning high touch areas consistently.

Our customizable commercial cleaning plans for small business are proposed to you based on your individual needs. Our proposed cleaning plans are meant to keep you, your team and your clients safe.

Our goal is to provide businesses with stellar cleaning service that leads to them having the time they need to really focus on things that really matter.

Let’s keep those doors open!

SaniSpray technology helps us disinfect more efficiency and effectively.

We clean with a conscience — and it shows!

Disinfecting Sprayer Technology

We introduced our SaniSpray technology in June 2020 that helps make our job of disinfecting even more efficient and effective. Spray-and-wipe methods are not only inefficient, but also ineffective at providing proper dwell times and complete coverage of disinfectant. 

Read more about the increased measures Premier is taken in the time of COVID.

Our team is dedicated to providing our cleaning services in the safest possible manner through consistent hand washing and utilizing personal protective equipment such as face masks, gloves, and booties worn over crocs.

We strive to use the very best products and equipment on the market which includes non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning materials while more equally utilizing products that disinfect with a 99.9% effective rate. 

Interested in the Clean & Disinfect Initiative?

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JHNG-Business Focus: Premier Green Cleaning

Premier Green Cleaning was featured in Jackson Hole News and Guide’s Business Focus in July 2020. Owner Monay Olson explains the new measures in place to help commercial spaces stay open among the uncertainty of the coronavirus. Our new airless disinfecting technology is a pride of ours with better effectiveness than the spray-and-wipe method.

“At the start of the pandemic, we recognized that our clients were going to need us to really step up and help them manage through what was going on. From our commercial clients who provide critical services here in the valley to restaurants and offices.”

Owner Monay Olson
SaniSpray HP 20

Read the full article here.

Our Helping Jackson Shine Campaign was a Success

We are proud to share that the Helping Jackson Shine campaign we launched back in April 2020 was a great success. We encouraged community members to nominate their hero during this global pandemic. Folks could nominate a place of business/organization or individual that has impacted them during this time of unrest and uncertainty.

We want to thank the whole community for making it happen. With your nominations we cleaned 22 individual’s homes and 20 businesses/organizations with just over 1,000 hours of cleaning. This campaign allowed for the job security of our employees that just LOVED to give back in this meaningful way. During this time of COVID-19, cleaning and disinfecting is essential. We are proud to lead the charge in the best way to combat the virus and helping deduce the risks through our services.

We are looking forward to doing this outreach again because we love our Jackson community and even a small gesture can go along way.

NEW: Disinfecting Sprayer Technology

We are excited to introduce these new handheld sprayers by Graco. They make disinfecting facilities efficient and effective. In the time of COVID-19 we wanted to step up our extra care on our disinfecting services and this device does the trick in helping meet those needs.

SaniSpray HP 20 Cordless Handheld Airless Disinfectant Sprayer

Applying disinfectant using an airless disinfectant sprayer is more efficient and effective than spray-and-wipe methods. Airless sprayers provide effective disinfecting by completely coating surfaces to meet required dwell times. Spray-and-wipe methods are not only inefficient, but also ineffective at providing proper dwell times and complete coverage of disinfectant. Uniquely built with the highest-grade materials that are compatible with disinfectants, sanitizers and deodorizers.

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Graco’s SaniSpray HP in Action

This video will show you the sprayer in action. SaniSpray HP Sprayer increases Premier’s efficiency and effectiveness as we deliver disinfectants necessary to give you peace of mind during this pandemic. This technology can be used for large or small areas allowing for the disinfectant to reach all high trafficked surfaces with precision like doorknobs, countertops, windows, chairs, desks, toys, and more.

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Clean & Disinfect Initiative with Elk Refuge Inn

We are proud to team up with our sister company, Elk Refuge Inn in administering this new Clean + Disinfect Initiative in order to ensure their guests feel confident during their stay.

Our top priority to make sure their rooms are always sanitized, cleaned, and disinfected prior to guest check-in.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Elk Refuge Inn will be moving forward with operations by taking extreme caution to ensure the health and safety of our guests and employees alike. We have been closely monitoring the guidance and recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as federal, state, and local governments.

Increased Cleaning Measures

Our staff will be taking a number of extra measures for cleaning the rooms and facilities.

General Cleaning:

  • Every single room will have a full and thorough cleaning and disinfection prior to another check in. 
  • Housekeepers will be utilizing and changing gloves/cleaning cloths prior to each cleaning.
  • Housekeepers will be utilizing masks in all rooms.
  • Shower curtains inserts will be disinfected and changed daily.
  • Stay overs will not be provided cleaning 
    • However we will be providing additional coffee and amenities to each room
    • Towels and extra sheets can be requested and delivered immediately during business hours
    • Laundry bags will be provided for all guests and may be left outside the door. 


  • All sheets and towels will be cleaned with higher standard of disinfectant.
  • Laundry staff will wear masks and glove 

Front desk:

  • Will wear and utilize masks when interacting with guests
  • Non-contact process for all guest check in and check out.
  • Front door, counter and any areas a guest could come into contact will be disinfected after every check in and out.

Staff Precautions:

  • We will be following CDC guidelines and closely tracking, addressing any symptoms for identifying potential COVID-19 cases
  • Temperatures will be taken daily 
  • Staff will not be allowed to work if they have traveled, have been exposed to a confirmed case or believe to have any symptoms. 

1000 hours of Cleaning to Jackson Heroes

A message to the Jackson Hole Community – 1000 complimentary cleaning hours 

One way to reduce the chances of COVID-19 transmission is to keep surfaces clean. Premier Green Cleaning is doing everything we can to help on that front. Many in our community are fighting the good fight to properly social distance, provide assistance to those who are struck financially by this crisis, and working on the front lines at our healthcare centers. Our Premier team would like play our part to help ease the burden.  

We will be donating 1000 complimentary cleaning hours to the heroes of our community both sung and unsung. This includes local non-profits and organizations that are connecting and supporting the Jackson community. We will be providing deep cleanings and disinfectant services to their offices and workspaces. Aside from these organizations we are also hoping to identify individuals who have made a significant impact in assisting the community through this pandemic, whether they are healthcare workers, volunteers, or other essential business employees helping to keep the town afloat. Nominations can be made through our Nominate a Cleaning form on our website. 

Our cleaning staff will clean and disinfect all areas such as offices, bathrooms, common areas, counters, door handles, shared electronic equipment (like tablets, touch screens, keyboards, phones), focusing especially on frequently touched surfaces. We will be continuing to minimize our exposure for both our employees and our clients through precautionary measures including gloves, masks, booties, self sanitization, as well as limiting our employees to one location per day. Our cleaning procedures will be directly adhering to the CDC guidelines for Cleaning and Disinfecting Community Facilities. Cleanings for the essential businesses and non-profit organizations will be completed while they are closed or during non-operational hours if the spaces are still being used.

Premier Green Cleaning a Shine Group Values Company. 

Clean & Disinfect: The Only Way to Fight COVID-19

Fear of COVID-19 spreading in your home or place of business is very real. Taking the time to disinfect after cleaning can help lower the risk of spreading infection.

CDC: How to Best Fight the COVID-19 Virus

The CDC released this information to the public on the how to best fight the COVID-I9 virus. According to the CDC’s knowledge of the virus it is transmitted via respiratory droplets within 6 feet away from human-to-human. The virus can also be transmitted by fomites (objects or materials which are likely to carry infection, such as clothes, utensils, and furniture). Currently based on evidence the virus can live on a variety of surfaces from hours to days. Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.

Clean & Disinfect


  • Wear disposable gloves when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Gloves should be discarded after each cleaning and hands washed immediately after removal.
  • Cleaning surfaces with detergent or soap and water.
  • For disinfection, diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, and most common EPA-registered household disinfectants should be effective.

Clothing, towels, linens and other items that go in the laundry

  • Wear disposable gloves when handling laundry from an ill person.
  • Clean hands immediately after gloves are removed.

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This deal applies to new clients only. Offer expires May 30, 2020.

We clean with a conscience — and it shows! 🧽🧹😒🦠

Premier’s Precautions

Our Premier office staff are all working from home. Housekeepers have new precautions as well as and are being extremely careful. They now wear booties covering their crocs, gloves, supplies and additional measures are taken as well.

Our existing practices include a variety of measures to prevent the spread of germs including thorough cleanings of all bedrooms, living and/or family rooms and common areas, strict adherence to employee hand-washing practices and sanitizing wipe-downs of all surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. 

It will be essential for our cleaning services to continue despite closure. We are fully prepared to respond to ensure the Jackson Hole community receives the cleaning services it needs.

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A Letter from Monay Olson on COVID-19

A message to our loyal customers:

Premier Green Cleaning has increased its dedication to keeping clients safe, clean and healthy during the COVID19 (Coronavirus) scare. We want to reassure you that we are going above and beyond by focusing on disinfecting heavily-used areas with a more heavy-duty cleaning product to ward off the virus at this time. 

We want your home and business to continue to be safe havens for you, your family, staff, and clients. Premier Green Cleaning strives to use only non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning materials and we have always utilized products that disinfect with a 99.9% effective rate. Because we are hyper-vigilant and aware right now, we will be using Clorox to disinfect doorknobs and handles (both outside and inside homes and businesses), plus kitchen and bathroom surfaces, all appliances, commonly touched areas, etc., during the outbreak of COVID19. 

We have always had high, green-cleaning standards and are dedicated to providing a clean and extraordinarily sanitary environment for your family or staff. Our existing practices include a variety of measures to prevent the spread of germs including thorough cleanings of all bedrooms, living and/or family rooms and common areas, strict adherence to employee hand-washing practices and sanitizing wipe-downs of all surfaces in bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. 

We clean with a conscience and it shows. Beyond communicating our efforts, we want you to feel comfortable reaching out to us at any time with any concerns so that those can be addressed immediately and you can continue enjoying your life in this most special of places. Additionally, please let us know if you would like to initiate additional cleanings of highly-frequented areas during this time period.

Monay Olson
Owner, Premier Cleaning Services LLC